March 18, 2014 by Lovely

Space and Its Importance

Probably, you’ve scoffed silently in a corner when you saw a guy trying to hook up with a girl who obviously does not want to converse or have anything to do with the person. Forcing something to happen can bring results, but the maintenance of these results is not always ensured. In a relationship, force is equivalent to controlling the other person.

Controlling, or manipulation, is highly effective if a partner wants his or her partner to do something in his or her favour. But this might mean that the results they receive are not natural, or honest, because factors had been tampered to begin with. While it can work for several years, or even decades, once the partner realizes such, it could mean the end of a relationship.

Space is very important in a relationship to avoid struggling with your partner in terms of control of certain situations. Why some partners want to control the other is because they had forgotten how to live with him or herself individually. It is highly possible in relationships that you lose yourself and get attached to the person and all your activities are shared with him or her.

You can ask for space from your partner if you are experiencing manipulating or being manipulated by your partner. If he or she does not agree with you, take your own space and look at your relationship objectively. Identify the needs your partner fulfils and wants that you could manage on your own. In this way, you prevent yourself from controlling your partner and you retain your personal individuality, which your partner loved in the first place.

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February 26, 2014 by Lovely

Showing Enough Care While Showing You Also Care For Yourself

Most Hollywood movies show us that love is about sacrifice and self-sacrifice, and this is still true. Nothing is as affectionate as showing that you are willing to risk your life for somebody you love. But if there is nothing life-threatening at the moment, this idea is indeed, bollocks.

Self-sacrifice by sacrificing your own ambitions makes you look inevitably weak to other people. People who find themselves very affectionate and sacrifice their time while evading their life-crucial responsibilities are often at a loss because they lose self-esteem and their capability to support the person they love. In a way, their sacrifice is fruitless because they can never sustain or save the life of the other person lacking their own resources.

Oftentimes, the best affection is to show love for yourself. The way you handle your responsibilities and pride yourself upon your accomplishments not only improves your charisma, but shows people your capability. It also shows your partner your capability to care for them, and, in a way, save them should anything happen.

It is important that you build your own self first and assess if you can handle another person’s problems. If you cannot resolve your problems on your own and cannot handle the number of your problems, then you cannot love a person completely because even if you do sacrifice your career, time and money for the sake of another person, it will just become another problem you cannot resolve.

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January 17, 2014 by Lovely

Falling in Love With the Process

What makes women more attracted to and in love with you? Women love it when you court them, make them hear the things they want to hear and make them feel the things they want to feel. Of course, not any man could always fulfil a woman’s expectations (and vice versa), which can lead to some misunderstandings and frustrations regarding perspectives, but in the end, it is when the two people fall in love with the process that they deeply fall in love with each other.

An eternal moment of courting, sharing sweet words, understanding and misunderstanding each other leading to fights, is what awaits any form of relationship. But if both people learn how to fall in love with the process of making the person in love along with being in love with the person, they ensure a cemented relationship that will see through marriage.

This could be compared to a person who has found his or her passion in life; a person doing what he or she loves in his or her career and is receiving ample compensation for it is happy.

In relationships though, compensation is through the form of reciprocation, but the end form is always different and sometimes, could frustrate expectations. But then again, if you fall in love with the process, the end outcome is meaningless as it is the journey that makes the entire relationship, and the person you love, worth everything in the world.

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December 25, 2013 by Lovely

Detachment and Why It Is More Attractive

A chance encounter with a woman you like in a grocery store. You try to stir up a conversation. She found it interesting and you got her number for a possible next encounter. However, the next encounter was not as productive as the first. This is because of your attachment to the outcome of the situation wherein you want her to go steady with you.

This particular attachment happens to virtually any sort of man or woman. Attachments allow relationships to flourish and individuals to learn more about themselves as they learn to care and understand another person, but in dating, it becomes something of a burden because the other person may feel he or she has to live up to an expectation that you have set for him or her.

This is why more individuals find people detached from them as more attractive because they become more honest about their statements. An attached person will tell you everything you want to hear, but not the things you need. A detached person will tell you exactly what you need because he or she is telling the truth about you.

Any person can appreciate a person who will always mean what they say. While some may shy away from people who can cause them pain by letting them hear the truth, they eventually warm up to these people who could tell them the truth about themselves.

However, do not overplay that detachment role because these people, who you want to have, may not look at you as a relationship-type individual.

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December 2, 2013 by Lovely

Facing Your Fears About Women

Even if you say that you get along with your mother, sisters and women friends, you feel a certain shade of shyness or even fear of rejection when talking to women. Talking is something that should be seen as a bridge of ideas interjecting from you to another person and them exchanging the idea as well. If you could face your fear of rejection, you could talk to women more effectively.

It is important to recognize then when you like a woman, you like them to a degree, but thinking about being more than acquaintances or even friends is still a long way to go. This is something that could not be decided on your first meeting. Instead, your first impression to the woman is always important.

“Like” the woman, but do not be attached to her decisions even if she is beautiful, your type or somebody you really have caught along with. Your liking her should be enough for you to muster the courage to talk to her.

To shed yourself from the fear of rejection, do not expect any good outcomes, or better, accept any outcome that happens after you talk to her. If you have made your mind about this, then you have the courage to smile at her and even talk to her. In reality, you don’t actually lose anything; you just lose a small chance and there are still other women you could talk to in the end.

So face your fears; take rejection as a learning experience and you could interact with women like never before.

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November 5, 2013 by admin

Why Science is the Next Investing Frontier

As the 21st century comes, developments in technologies have become apparent in just two decades. Moore’s law is probably at its best right now with many investments giving birth to great consumer appliances and even devices and apparatus for furthering the knowledge of humankind.

Science is indeed the next investing frontier. With many technological innovators taking advantage of the reduced sizes of materials that could function more effective than their predecessors, designs are giving consumers a reason to use such technologies for everyday function.

Technology is expected to increase over the following years without the lack of funding from governments and private investors. Space-age tourism is giving investors a reason to further improve the technologies needed to show the entire world a view of space and research into better communication and entertainment apparatus are untapped worlds for investors to explore.

However, any investment will come with risks. One risk of innovation technology is that its price could outweigh its appeal. Another is that its innovative design might not work well with the general market. But no investment comes without risks.

The returns are great however. Internet companies such as Google and Yahoo are billion-dollar private companies. Industrial parts designers are getting higher prices for licensing their patents to manufacturing companies. As long as the resources needed are delivered, science is indeed the next investing frontier.

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October 22, 2013 by admin

Eight out of Ten PPI Claims In Favour of Customers

According to the Financial Ombudsman, it received 236,238 PPI claims in the previous two quarters of 2013, signifying an increase in bank-rejected and unsatisfied customers’ claims by 26% than the last quarter of 2012. According to the FOS, it was disappointing to note that 80% of these PPI complaints were upheld in favour of customers.

According to Chief Ombudsman Natalie Ceeney, banks are still dragging their feet and she is disappointed that banks fail to follow the example set by the Financial Ombudsman in handling PPI consumer claims. As PPI cases are £900 if redirected to the Financial Ombudsman, banks could only increase their compensation bill if they refuse to address consumer claims properly

A customer will need a free PPI calculator to estimate the total amount of refunds they can get from a mis sold PPI.

In total, the PPI refund package of the entire UK financial industry amounts to £
11 billlion and may possibly increase if banks continue to fail to cooperate.

The Financial Conduct Authority had also investigated 18 banks and found that only six properly addressed their consumer’s PPI complaints thoroughly and effectively. The FCA said that banks fail to consider many details about the insurance and the consumer, and that they could not provide a proper response for their delays.

Anybody mis sold PPI should contact a PPI claims company such as for legal advice.

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