July 23, 2014 by Lovely

The Meaning of Many Things in a Relationship

Micromanagement is never a good trait for relationships, but it is a helpful thing that helps one anticipate the possible troublesome attitude their partner could have. Many things unnoticeable in a relationship could tell many things about your partner without any verbal confirmation.

1. Parent-Child Interaction

In many ways, your partner can show you their true nature once they are done wooing you by the way they interact with their parents. A male’s attitude towards his mother will show his possible treatment for his wife in the future. A female’s interaction with her father will likely show the same.

2. Control over People

A person could think highly of him or herself when they talk with people who are powerless to act against them. The way a person treats a waiter, a gas boy, a servant or anybody else in employment for customer service or service in itself, is the true personality of a person.

3. Words Used

If you are inclined with words and conversing, you will notice a great change between the words your partner would use during your courting phase, and the words he or she would use once your together. These words, together with actions, can tell you how your partner feels.

4. Jokes and Spontaneous Engagement

Random engagements are fairly common for newly-begun relationships, but if this engagement, along with crude but relatively non-offensive jokes with their partners, show that they are comfortable with each other. It also shows that both people enjoy the company of the other person greatly.

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June 20, 2014 by Lovely

How to Move On From a Painful Break-Up

Love induces the same feeling as an addiction to cigarettes, drugs or anything, except that it is natural and safe. The feeling of being appreciated increases one’s capability to do everything, and also devastates them, like the feeling of withdrawal, when it ends. Moving on from a break up is painful, but here are a few tips that could help you.
1. It is Gone
Attachment is the biggest enemy of people wanting to move on from their devastating break-up. The time you spent together, the memories and things that you have done together, will all flash back to you and invoke some emotions from within you. Accepting the fact that it is gone and already in the past that can never happen again can help you move on.

2. Keep Yourself Busy
Imagine yourself climbing out of a dark pit. You may feel tired at some point, but you see the light. That pit is you clinging onto the memories that continue to hurt your feelings. But once you take your mind off by doing something else, namely things that you truly enjoy, then you continue to climb. You will still feel pangs of emotion, but you will definitely continue to move on.

3. Replace Memories
People who love you are the people who will stay in your life. If they continue to stay, then they are worth your time. This is your family, and friends who support you. Replace the memories of the places you have visited with your friends. By creating new memories, you have something new, and something stronger, to attach yourself to.

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May 28, 2014 by Lovely

Dealing With Trust Issues

Trust is a common fighting topic among couples. For the accused party, it shows the lack of trust and confidence in their partner. For the accusing party, it shows a certain form of love, but one that has no understanding, and has a narrow point that the accuser could only see.

Trust issues are very common in many people. Every person might have been betrayed at some point in their lives, and this has traumatised them severely, or hurt them to the point they felt broken about their lives. Because of its grave implications on themselves, many partners will try not to repeat the same pain they felt in their lives by verifying infidelity early and escaping the pain.

If you have to deal with trust issues, it would be fine to talk with your partner about your or his or her issues and talk about commitment and trust. True love is not defined by the length of relationship that you have, but about how much you could give to your partner while still retaining your individuality. Compromise is the key, but only if it will preserve or improve the relationship.

Anybody with trust issues should understand that without it, no love could be said for them and their partner. Instead, they are only living a hollow relationship because one, or both of them cannot trust each other.

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April 25, 2014 by admin

Lloyds Saved More Than £60m In 2013 By Cutting PPI Refund

According to ex-financial professional turned journalist Cliff D’Arcy, Lloyds’ use of a regulatory provision known as “alternative redress” had allowed it to save £60m from consumers’ payment protection cover refunds, which consumers are ineligible. Lloyds has yet to comment on the issue, but other UK journalists had found it had used the provision since February of last year.

Alternative redress gives the bank the right to assume the consumers who were wrongly sold a single-premium PPI policy would have bought a regular-premium PPI policy, which was significantly lower in price. They would then just use the cost of the regular-premium policy to repay consumers.

UK newspapers report that only a few consumers complained about the redress they received despite the use of the provision. They said that it was possible virtually nobody knew the bank’s new method of cheating their consumers.

D’Arcy noted it as a “scandal coming from a scandal.”

Along with Lloyds, Barclays had also used the provision from October 2012-2013. RBS and NatWest had also used it during the beginning of 2013.

According to the Financial Ombudsman, consumers can make a call to their banks and ask if they were given alternative redress. They can also confirm it with their PPI claim offer letters should they find the phrase “alternative redress” or “comparative redress.” Should banks fail to act on their complaint, the Financial Ombudsman could make sure they have a valid complaint.

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March 18, 2014 by Lovely

Space and Its Importance

Probably, you’ve scoffed silently in a corner when you saw a guy trying to hook up with a girl who obviously does not want to converse or have anything to do with the person. Forcing something to happen can bring results, but the maintenance of these results is not always ensured. In a relationship, force is equivalent to controlling the other person.

Controlling, or manipulation, is highly effective if a partner wants his or her partner to do something in his or her favour. But this might mean that the results they receive are not natural, or honest, because factors had been tampered to begin with. While it can work for several years, or even decades, once the partner realizes such, it could mean the end of a relationship.

Space is very important in a relationship to avoid struggling with your partner in terms of control of certain situations. Why some partners want to control the other is because they had forgotten how to live with him or herself individually. It is highly possible in relationships that you lose yourself and get attached to the person and all your activities are shared with him or her.

You can ask for space from your partner if you are experiencing manipulating or being manipulated by your partner. If he or she does not agree with you, take your own space and look at your relationship objectively. Identify the needs your partner fulfils and wants that you could manage on your own. In this way, you prevent yourself from controlling your partner and you retain your personal individuality, which your partner loved in the first place.

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February 26, 2014 by Lovely

Showing Enough Care While Showing You Also Care For Yourself

Most Hollywood movies show us that love is about sacrifice and self-sacrifice, and this is still true. Nothing is as affectionate as showing that you are willing to risk your life for somebody you love. But if there is nothing life-threatening at the moment, this idea is indeed, bollocks.

Self-sacrifice by sacrificing your own ambitions makes you look inevitably weak to other people. People who find themselves very affectionate and sacrifice their time while evading their life-crucial responsibilities are often at a loss because they lose self-esteem and their capability to support the person they love. In a way, their sacrifice is fruitless because they can never sustain or save the life of the other person lacking their own resources.

Oftentimes, the best affection is to show love for yourself. The way you handle your responsibilities and pride yourself upon your accomplishments not only improves your charisma, but shows people your capability. It also shows your partner your capability to care for them, and, in a way, save them should anything happen.

It is important that you build your own self first and assess if you can handle another person’s problems. If you cannot resolve your problems on your own and cannot handle the number of your problems, then you cannot love a person completely because even if you do sacrifice your career, time and money for the sake of another person, it will just become another problem you cannot resolve.

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January 17, 2014 by Lovely

Falling in Love With the Process

What makes women more attracted to and in love with you? Women love it when you court them, make them hear the things they want to hear and make them feel the things they want to feel. Of course, not any man could always fulfil a woman’s expectations (and vice versa), which can lead to some misunderstandings and frustrations regarding perspectives, but in the end, it is when the two people fall in love with the process that they deeply fall in love with each other.

An eternal moment of courting, sharing sweet words, understanding and misunderstanding each other leading to fights, is what awaits any form of relationship. But if both people learn how to fall in love with the process of making the person in love along with being in love with the person, they ensure a cemented relationship that will see through marriage.

This could be compared to a person who has found his or her passion in life; a person doing what he or she loves in his or her career and is receiving ample compensation for it is happy.

In relationships though, compensation is through the form of reciprocation, but the end form is always different and sometimes, could frustrate expectations. But then again, if you fall in love with the process, the end outcome is meaningless as it is the journey that makes the entire relationship, and the person you love, worth everything in the world.

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